Top 10 Yoga Postures for Strength

Yoga is more than just stretching and relaxation. Daily yoga practice includes a comprehensive system that builds strength in the body and mind. My journey in yoga has been from weakness to strength in every sense possible. There are some key postures that helped me access the deep reservoir of inner fortitude that every person… [read more]

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Twisting for Beginners

Twisting postures cleanse the body from the inside out. By building both the strength and flexibility to twist your torso all the inner organs get to be more limber. Flexible organs are healthy organs that function at their best capacity. Part of the powerful detoxification that happens in yoga is through twisting. For beginners to the… [read more]

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Core Strength in Navasana

Whenever I teach a Guided Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series class, there is one posture is almost universal in its ability to test the limits of strength: Navasana, Boat Posture. It demands so much core strength that when repeated five times, it feels like a mini-marathon right in the middle of a very long practice. In… [read more]

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