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May 31st 2020

May 31st - May 31st 2020

Yogakha: A Fire Initiation

Join Kino and DJ Taz Rashid for high vibrational music and yoga practice to evoke a powerful shift in consciousness.

Sun, May 31, 2020

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT


About this Event

Join master teacher Kino MacGregor and DJ Taz Rashid for a two hour immersive experience in the spiritual arts of yoga. Yoga awakens the inner fire of purification and, when paired with high vibrational music, can evoke a powerful shift in consciousness. This is more than a yoga class with music, Kino and DJ Taz hold the space for you to break through old limiting beliefs and awaken to your innate potential. Yoga scriptures say that even one epiphany-like experience of the Infinite has the power to change your life and wipe away the chains of the past—our intention in Yogakha is to do just that, that is to burn through what holds you back and release the energy of your highest future. The Sanskrit word Kha has multiple meanings, including sky, emptiness, and heaven. With our collective intention we seek to enter the realm of the Divine and walk through the gates back to our true home in the spirit. If you’re ready for a truly unique transformational journey, join us for these two hours with an open heart, no expectations and a free spirit.



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