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Jul 12th 2020

Jul 12th - Jul 12th 2020

Release and Open Your Hips with Kindness

1:00pm-3:00pm EST

online via Triyoga UK


Accessing the deep release and openness that hip rotation requires is a unique combination of anatomical knowledge and inner peace.

Join this workshop with international teacher, speaker and author Kino MacGregor to learn the right information and, more importantly, the right frame of mind to hip opening from.

Across the two hours you will gain access to the deep muscles within the pelvis and learn to relax and release your hips.

Be ready for a deep journey into the inner body complete with a detailed muscular and skeletal technique and the subtle body of emotions and energy. Learn how to create the safe space of patience, kindness and tolerance in the deepest regions of the pelvis and watch your hips open.


triyoga Shoreditch
Cygnet Street

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