Jan 31st 2022

2 Month Ashtanga Intensive

Jan 31st - Mar 19th 2022

January 31 – March 19, 2022

With great joy Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldmann announce their in-depth education in yogic studies for teachers and established practitioners, at Miami Life Center. This 2-month/300hr course brings the experience, tradition, personal attention and the master level Ashtanga methodology perfected by Kino and Tim over the past 20 years.

The Training / The Path

You will join a comprehensive program aimed at deepening your understanding and ability of Ashtanga Yoga, whether that be re-setting your foundation in your practice and dedication or refine your established yoga teachings further. This course celebrates Ashtanga Yoga as a view on life. We believe that you will complete this course prepared to bring a refreshing depth to your steps on this ancient path.

This program is an intensive Ashtanga learning experience. You will be immersed in daily practice of asana, sitting and yogic breathing as Tapas is essential to any personal growth on the yogic path. Continuous workshops and seminars on key philosophy, anatomy and technique helps build a firm layer of deeper understanding. And as it can be tricky to combine this ancient path with a modern life you will be introduced to navigate mentoring, teaching, legal issues and social modalities with sound ethical straight forwardness.

Tim Feldmann and Kino MacGregor present a roster of special teachers who all dedicate their lives to the spiritual practice of yoga. Through their guidance, you will learn the technical foundation for key asanas of the Primary and Second Series in their original context, inclusive the Vinyasa counts. You will learn how to practice and instruct basic mindfulness and meditation, modify the practice for accessibility and therapeutics and much more. Our intention is to provide you with an education that supplements your existing body of yoga knowledge – not with a formal Ashtanga certification. Only Sharath Jois’ Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India, can grant you an official certification or authorization to teach Ashtanga Yoga.




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