Why Every Yogi Is Forever A Student

Sometimes the way forward is blocked because all that is known is based on the past. To truly learn something new requires surrendering your notions of what is possible and impossible. Trusting a teacher to lead you to this new and sometimes scary place requires a leap of faith. Old and treasured thoughts have to… [read more]

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Why Yoga Is A Spiritual Practice

If you come to the practice of yoga looking only for pleasure, yoga will eventually disappoint you. Sooner or later, you’ll get bored with the practice or you will experience pain or discomfort in a posture you previously found fun. The basic lesson of this centuries-old science of self-exploration is that if you heed the… [read more]

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Top 10 Yoga Postures for Strength

Yoga is more than just stretching and relaxation. Daily yoga practice includes a comprehensive system that builds strength in the body and mind. My journey in yoga has been from weakness to strength in every sense possible. There are some key postures that helped me access the deep reservoir of inner fortitude that every person… [read more]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Yoga

The true journey into yoga begins with a desire to live a more peaceful life. Even though the average beginner yoga student may be totally unaware of that yearning, the thing that keeps every student of yoga coming back to their mats is the inner connection between breath, body, mind and spirit. Yoga is a… [read more]

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Have Faith and Jump Through

The mystery of lifting your body off the ground in the yoga practice is both seductive and elusive. When you can hold your body weight off the ground in powerful arm balances your confidence increases. But when you cannot find the way towards strength you hit a wall that feels insurmountable every time you practice. Rather than… [read more]

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Kino MacGregor maintains that she never was an athlete – no dance classes or soccer teams or tennis matches in her past. If you browse through this striking gallery of photographs taken by Rene Merino, however, you might beg to differ. Kino’s discipline of choice is ashtanga yoga, a kind of mind/body pursuit that takes a… [read more]

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