Tips for Balanced Travel

Many people ask me how I manage to stay balanced with all the travel that I do. Without my yoga and spiritual practice I certainly would not able to wake up (and sleep) so happily a lll over the world. When MindBodyGreen asked me write some tips for balanced travel I thought it was perfect…. [read more]

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My Miami Beach Playlist

Mindy Body Green recently asked me for a playlist of songs that I use while teaching, but Ashtanga Yoga does not use music because the focus is meant to be internal. That does not mean that I don’t love music! So I suggested to create a playlist that embodies the lifestyle of the beautiful sunny… [read more]

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Raw Chocolate Mousse

Theresa and Adam asked me for another favorite recipe, so I shared this “healthy” chocolate Mousse! You can check out their blog HERE. Raw Chocolate Mousse (6-8 servings) I love chocolate and this vegan recipe tastes so good you will never miss the eggs. The first time I tried it was at a party where… [read more]

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Beetroot and Ginger Soup

Theresa and Adam asked me to share a favorite recipe for their Kitchen Yogi Blog. You can check out their blog HERE. I enjoyed so much so that I’m sharing it here too! I love really good soups and when I found this book called Love Soup by Anna Thomas who wrote the Vegetarian Epicure… [read more]

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Back Home Again

Over the last two weeks I have been in five different time zones in four different countries. I transited through London Heathrow’s post Terminal 5 three times over one week and succeeded at only buying chocolate, chai, snacks and a small bottle of perfume. People usually ask me how I deal with all the traveling…. [read more]

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