Kino MacGregor maintains that she never was an athlete – no dance classes or soccer teams or tennis matches in her past. If you browse through this striking gallery of photographs taken by Rene Merino, however, you might beg to differ. Kino’s discipline of choice is ashtanga yoga, a kind of mind/body pursuit that takes a… [read more]

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The Ritual of Vinyasa by Kino MacGregor

The origins of the Vinyasa system can be traced all the way to ancient Vedic rituals that used choreographed movements to consecrate sacred space. By designating the appropriate breaths, movement and gazing point for each posture the Ashtanga Yoga practice sanctifies the body itself as a temple for the direct experience of divinity. It is… [read more]

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Principles of Twisting: Marichasana C by Kino MacGregor

The Ashtanga Yoga method purifies the internal systems of the body, clears emotional and psychological blockages and frees the student to experience a new depth of consciousness within themselves and their lives. When you begin the practice there are a series of simple movements in the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series that will help you tap… [read more]

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The Inner Voice of Yoga

by Kino MacGregor Yoga teaches you to listen to your own inner voice. It is a process of awakening and attunement that defines personal integrity by the depth of each students’ connection with themselves. Through pain, pleasure, injury, ecstasy and bliss yoga invites practitioners to travel down the rabbit hole of personal discovery so that… [read more]

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Operation Lotus

by Kino MacGregor The experience of your first yoga class feels like embarking on a mysterious adventure into a whole new terrain. As your curiosity peers into the incense-filled hallways lined with Ganesh and Shiva the open-hearted calm beckons you to travel into your own sacred inner realm. The seductive power of yoga is an… [read more]

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