Be Strong. Be Flexible.
Be Peaceful. Be a Yogi.
Believe in Yourself Through the Power of Yoga.
Never Give Up.
You are Worthy. You Are Enough.
Breathe. Surrender. See Yourself Through the Eyes of Spirit.
Yoga is a Path to the True Self. Listen for the Quiet Voice of Wisdom that Speaks from Your Heart.

Be Strong. Be Flexible. Be Peaceful. Be a Yogi.

One Breath at a Time.

Yoga is a spiritual path that leads to the center of yourself. It’s is a hero’s journey that takes you through valleys of darkness where you will meet fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, pride, jealousy and much more on the way. Along the way you cultivate the tool of the equanimous mind so that you can be strong and be brave. Once you arrive at the center of yourself a wellspring of light, knowledge, peace and love fills your heart. Practice until your cup overflows. Practice until your world changes. Practice until there is nothing left but the pure joy of surrender. Believe in yourself through the power of yoga. Practice every day. Never give up.

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